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Evolving Technology

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    Don Price – Through our strategy sessions we realize we don’t know what tomorrow is. But what we are committed to is we continue to investigate, we continue to partner with new technology companies and we’re looking at what’s happening out there. We’re staying involved; we want to be there for you years down the line. We’re not your partners for one project; we’re your partner for continuous improvement.
    George Aucamp – If there’s one thing we realize, it’s that technology changes at the speed of light. We as people, we don’t handle change as well as the little computer that gets a new chip in it. We recognize that and we want to bring the assurance to our clients that we will look at that big picture of the evolution of the technology and try and ensure that our people embrace that change that takes place, learns it and brings it to every client that we have in a long-term solution and keep evolving it. That’s why we do implementation of a product that can be modified because guess what, what find out today and do today, maybe three months from now you recognize that hey there’s more efficiency here and we want to ensure that you can evolve as we learn and you as our owner learns, we want to put that learning’s together to give you a better solution at the end of the day.

Technology has changed drastically over the past 10-15 years. We shop and bank without leaving our homes. Life is made easier with smartphones that act as cameras, video recorders, music and book libraries and even babysitters (sort-of). But in the construction world change happens slowly and adoption of evolving technology to make things better is hampered by attitudes against change. Many people are still affected by the old paradigm of “computers don’t help” and spending money on construction software system development is a “black-hole” where the investment rarely brings about a worthwhile result.

Granted, they have a point. In the early days of computing, systems made you work the way they were set-up to work and construction people felt they had more work to do to “feed the machine”.

Today, it is recognized, on large construction programs and capital improvement projects, that cloud based computer usage helps communicate across the globe in real-time and allows the project team to work together to contain costs and manage schedule.

System and software development has advanced to where we can implement configured systems to “work the way you want to work” in a matter of days, not months.

If you’re ready to “step out of the box” and have an organized team with clear roles and responsibilities, where all of the members of the team are not only collaboratively following “best-practices” but also getting the efficiency and effectiveness that mobile technology offers, then you are ready for 21st Century technology.