Foresee Consulting Creating Collaboration to Contain Costs

Collaboration is the Key

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    Mark Bodner – Technology changes so rapidly that you just need to be an expert in the software industry to understand what’s going on. And most of our clients are way too busy to do that; they are focused on building projects. We bridge the gap between the technology that’s out there and what’s working well. And what we generally do is evaluate our client’s processes and the software selection is secondary, very important tool, but we don’t begin with the selection of the software, we end with the selection of the software, after we figure out how will software help you to do your job better.
    George Aucamp – It’s going to start, which you will probably think pretty slow, because we won’t be talking all the time. But we’re going to listen. So we typically like to talk to all the different people involved and just sit back and relax and listen.
    Don Price – We’re going to dig in to your people; we’re going to dig into your processes. We’re going to understand really what’s happening. We’re going to tell you where we think you have broken people, broken processes. We’re going to push back, we’re going to help you understand where you sit today and help you make the improvements and really taking advantage of the strengths of your people and the strengths of your processes and the solution.
    George Aucamp – It’s all about the people at the end of the day, that technology tool provides you just that, the tool. A hammer means nothing if there’s not somebody behind it, driving it. So we need to understand your people, how they operate, what they do, give them a tool that fits their hand and that will deliver a true solution. We’re not just about providing the tool set, we provide a true solution that makes you more effective and helps you do more with less.
    Mark Bodner – That’s what we do.

Foresee Consulting offers our clients a team of seasoned professionals that are imminently qualified to meet their objectives.

Our team has worked together on numerous Project Management Information System (PMIS) deployments for major projects and client project portfolios; we have learned that we must listen to and collaborate with our clients to meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.

Foresee Consulting provides industry specific project management and project controls expertise to confidently implement a variety of Project Management Information System solutions. We assess the Client’s requirements as well as their current business processes, with an eye towards system selection and development activities to meet their goals and objectives.

Our clients see tremendous gains in user efficiencies and business process automation. The 4C Team can also provide deployment specific user documentation to enable increased adoption across the enterprise.

At Foresee Consulting we take an approach that leverages our knowledge and experience with our client’s understanding of how they run their business, what works for them and where PMIS tools can improve project delivery methods. Our objective is to perform the work in collaboration with our clients to ensure that they experience a technology solution that is coherent, adaptable, adoptable, scalable and sustainable.

The ultimate goal is to gain further value for the client utilizing the right mix of technologies.