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Blog Post: How exciting are these new features coming to Unifier 16.2?

LinkedIn Pulse blog posting by Foresee’s Rich Durham.
Published October 4, 2016

I am excited for the Primavera Unifier 16.2 release, in case you missed today’s webcast here are some highlights of the new features/functions:

1)      Enhanced Document Revisions and Reviewing features within business processes – Can’t wait to get this configured! Great work Oracle!

a.     Seeing Revision History in attachments to bps. Big win here.

b.     Reducing the # of clicks to review a document(s). All in one window, this is a well needed feature. A one stop shop. Big thumbs up on this one!

2)      Enhanced Analytics from Unifier – This is exciting news!

a.     Filters to allow what shell data to include to send to Analytics

b.     Error notifications for failures

c.      Generic Cost Manager can now be configured

3)      Include attachments as part of a csv record creation – “All in one Window”

a.     Interface allows you to include the list of attachments in the csv file and provides validation that the files have been included in the upload interface window. Awesome!

4)      Document Manager Integration – Large effort by Oracle! Great work.

a.     Services enhanced to integrate to Corporate Systems – Long time coming!

5)      Approved Project Email list now accepts a domain vs. email address only. This is a much simpler process when defining this list.

a. vs. Excellent work.

6)      Bundling Features – Features to ease the usability. Waiting to use this as well!

a.     More granularity

b.     Build your own

c.      Previews on what is going on within your bundle

7)      Unifier Objects to Gateway – Big enhancement here too!

a.     Bi-directional integration with external systems

b.     Dynamic objects and mapping. Mappings made simpler!

8)      Partner Companies in Unifier can now be added by Company Administrator!!!!!!!

a.     Create Partner users directly and assigning them to the Partner Company all in one window.

I can’t wait to get these configured and look forward to more updates for the entire Primavera suite!

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