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Blog Post: PCM is Fading Away … soon

LinkedIn Pulse blog posting by Foresee’s Steve Kelly.
Published July 19, 2016

While the actual date of the sunset for Contract Management is not known (I have heard 3 different dates from credible sources), it is eminent and soon.  Have you made a decision on your future of project controls software?  There are many alternatives to PCM available today.  They all solve a need, a specific need.  Some are better than others in certain areas…

  • Better looking interface
  • Better cost sheet
  • Better document management
  • Better way to integrate
  • Better options
  • Better controls
  • Better customization options
  • Better, better, better

But what does “better” really mean?  Better is a very subjective term and all the software vendors say theirs is better than PCM and better than the alternatives.  So you are right back where you started.

Maybe you are of the camp that you never wanted to move from PCM in the first place, you liked it and it performed for what you needed in a project controls system. If this is the case, then “better” doesn’t mean anything to you.  Because of the future of PCM you are forced to look elsewhere and all you want is the same functionality you had in PCM – not any better… unless it adds value with little or no internal change management within your company.

Look no further.  Oracle and Foresee have spent a sizable investment into providing PCM within Unifier.  You don’t want better – you want PCM, well now you have it.  The latest version of Unifier now includes PCM-esque templates that include Business Processes (BP’s) that closely mimic those within PCM.  Now you can have PCM …. in Unifier.

All the other applications solve a specific need, some better than others, but Unifier allows you to have your PCM and additional BP’s too.  Not only do you get the PCM modules, you also get many other BPs in the templates as an added bonus. Because Unifier is a platform, you also get the ability to make whatever other BP’s your company may need to properly manage your projects YOUR way.  No longer do you have to fit your round peg in the applications’ square hole and be forced to change your processes to match whatever the software dictates.

Contact us at Foresee Consulting to ask about our PCM replacement offerings. We have the best team with the most experience. 

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