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Complimentary 90-minute Business Assessment

What can 90-minutes with us do for your business?

Foresee Consulting’s four-step complimentary assessment* provides you with an initial framework for assessing existing capital project and facility management tools and practices, identifying challenges across departments, and defining areas where an capital portfolio and project management (CPPM) solution can provide value to your organization.

Phase One

This preliminary process—called Phase One of our entire business assessment—includes interviews with business directors and senior project managers and is supported by pre- and post-interview activities and documentation.

Phase Two

After the initial assessment, if you decide to continue the processes, the second phase of the full business assessment begins. This solution process consists of four key steps:

Step One: Scope and Preparation

  • Collaboratively develop the scope.
  • Identify team, topics, and interview participants.
  • Determine the overall schedule and logistics.
  • Present scope to executive sponsor to confirm business alignment.

Step Two: Interview Sessions

  • Interview your team about topics related to the prospective scope of work.
  • Capture strengths and weaknesses of existing practices.
  • Identify potential areas of improvement.

Step Three: Analysis and Recommendations

  • Foresee documents the interview findings, then
  • Analyzes existing processes based on domain knowledge, best practices, and client business drivers,
  • And develops and delivers the draft business scope and solution roadmap.
  • Schedules a joint session to validate findings.

Step Four: Solution Roadmap

  • Deliver final results and recommendations from the assessment to the your executive sponsors and core team members.
  • Schedule a review session with the relevant, select client team members.
  • Formalize a scope of work (SOW) with the client.

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* NOTE: The complimentary business assessment includes only Phase One—the qualification, the ninety-minute assessment, and the summary report. Additional services are available. Complimentary 90 Minute Business Assessment will be conducted via a Cisco WebEx meeting.