Foresee Consulting Creating Collaboration to Contain Costs

Collaboration Allows You to Do More With Less

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    Don Price – If we can’t figure out how to share information with each other, collaborate and bring many people’s insight into a problem or an issue or a decision, we’re failing. So real time collaboration is done through a technology based on, it doesn’t matter where any body is, right? You can have people on the other side of the world reviewing the same document that you’re reviewing right now. The reality is that somebody’s going to miss something but the guy over in the next cubicle, or the next building or the next state or country, they pick that up.
    George Aucamp – We try to minimize that administrative portions of that by capturing data at the source and just adding to it, up to the point where a specific person, maybe a project manager, or maybe an engineer can look at all the data through the collaborative process and make a decision comfortably, there and then without having to wait for an extensive period of time before getting to that conclusion. So we give them the tools and the ease of use that they’re happy with doing it and to make decisions more quickly and more effectively and make it with all of the data available.

Capture information at the source for timely, effective decision making. Can a technology solution help you to overcome the challenges of having to do more with less?

Foresee Consulting has a track record of clients that use technology to enhance team collaboration:

  • Gain real-time visibility into the cost and schedule forecast and avoid costly budget overruns and schedule delays
  • Centralize all project cost, schedule and project documentation to give the entire project team faster and easier access to accurate information
  • Shorten the project’s delivery cycles and reduce costs through standardized, repeatable processes that can be refined over time based on actual performance
  • Codify business processes in to shorten the project staff learning curve on how things are done and ensure that your processes are always followed.

Foresee Consulting can help you utilize technology to manage the project by exception:

  • Budget/Scope – by providing visibility and enabling proactive management of the decision making process
  • Cost – by implementing processes for Cost Containment, Change Control and Cost Reporting
  • Schedule – by ensuring compliance with contract requirements and providing an early-warning system for alerts about potential impacts
  • Documents – by implementing an efficient methodology for storing, sharing and accessing the latest version of project documents