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Foresee Consulting to Instruct Oracle Primavera Online Learning Series: Making Primavera Unifier Foolproof

October 24, 2014 – Las Vegas, NV – Foresee Consulting (4C) is proud to announce that Implementation Lead, Sean Kirkwood, has been selected for the Oracle Primavera Online Learning Series: Making Primavera Unifier Foolproof. Kirkwood is the most well-versed Unifier trainer in the world with 20 years of information technology experience, nine of which have been specific to Unifier. This is a tremendous honor and opportunity for the entire Foresee Consulting team to showcase its Primavera Unifier expertise and experiences.

Title: Making Primavera Unifier Foolproof

Date: Thursday, Nov. 20

Time: 2 p.m. EST

Abstract: Many Unifier implementers want to ensure that users cannot enter incorrect or invalid data, create duplicate records, use incorrect Cost Codes, or route a record incorrectly. Because Primavera Unifier is so configurable, this can be challenging. Fortunately, that same configurability provides the solution! Using Query-based Data Elements (QBDEs), Dynamic Data Sets (DDSs), auto-population and validation, implementers can provide a much more foolproof business process to users, ensuring more accurate data entry and routing. This session is aimed primarily at uDesigner implementers who want to know how to create BPs that will be as foolproof as possible, but it will also be useful for any users who need to understand the capabilities and limitations of Primavera Unifier. Although screenshots and demonstrations will most likely be shown in a 9.14 environment: any users on version 9.9.3 or higher can use this functionality.

Presented by: Sean Kirkwood, Foresee Consulting Implementation Lead

 Those interested in participating can register here. Additionally, the entire learning series schedule is available here.

“The best implementations of Unifier strike a fine balance between making the user’s job as simple and easy as possible without becoming a science project for the administrators,” said Kirkwood. “Foresee Consulting’s unifier implementation team has used these techniques on dozens of implementations, to ensure that data is made as foolproof as possible.”

“We are a team of consultants with more real life experience implementing Unifier than anyone else in the world,” added Mark Bodner, Foresee Consulting President & CEO. “We are revolutionizing the Construction Industry through the adoption of technology, as we add value for our clients in every endeavor we engage.”

Oracle’s Primavera Unifier is the best-in-class project lifecycle management solution for capital planning, project delivery, cost control, and facilities and real estate management. It provides governance across all project phases, from planning and building to operations and maintenance. The Business Process Automation engine integrates critical business processes, data, and documents across the organization.

The Oracle Primavera Special Interest Group (OPSIG) will be presenting the Oracle Primavera Online Series, a series of one-hour webinars held over the course of three weeks, from November 3 – 21. For one registration fee of $150 (or $295 for multiple people from the same company) participants can pick and choose to attend as many or as few webinars as they wish. With the ability to set one’s viewing schedule, the premium education of a conference or seminar is available without disrupting schedules.


About Foresee Consulting

Project Management Information System configuration involves designing the application to conform to the Project Team organization and the individual staff member’s roles and responsibilities. The system must support the way the Client’s team works. Foresee Consulting defines the unique project organizational requirements for workflow processes (administration, management and fiduciary approval tasks based on roles), information capture (data captured in forms) and management reporting (tabular, analytical and dashboard output) for all required Business Processes. This is done in advance of any “systems work” to determine what is suitable for automation and what is working “as is”.


About Sean Kirkwood

Sean Kirkwood started his professional career with the US Air Force, where he served in Korea, Turkey, Greece, Italy and several bases within the US. While in the Air Force, he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer studies and two associate’s degrees in electronic systems technology and general studies. He first began his career in the software training industry as part of a contract for the Department of Defense. In 1996, he was a site manager in Germany and was responsible for installing and monitoring beta versions of educational software for three German schools. He then taught the software to teachers and, on occasion, students.

In 1998 Sean accepted a position with Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management as a Training & Communication Specialist. In that role, he was responsible for developing a training program, including curriculum development, scheduling, instructional design and train-the-trainer development.

This eventually led to a contract position with Intel, where Sean learned and implemented Unifier in India, China, Malaysia, Costa Rica and several US campuses. After his contract ended in 2004, Sean was hired by Skire, Inc. to train, support and implement the Unifier software. He rose to the position of Director of Education Services and was responsible for managing trainers, curriculum and environment development and certification and end-user training for all of Skire’s customers. During this time, Sean became certified as a Unifier Administrator and Implementer.

When Skire was acquired by Oracle in 2012, Sean held the position of Senior Instructor and then transferred to Primavera Global Business Unit as a Senior Sales Consultant. In this role, he provided Unifier expertise, training and demo support to PGBU sales consultants globally.

Sean joined the Foresee Team in December 2013 as an Implementation Lead, with the responsibility to provide Unifier expertise to customers and staff.