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In 2005, as the executive director of budget and audit controls for CityCenter Las Vegas, Mark Bodner deployed Skire’s Unifier capital project portfolio management system—now part of Oracle’s Primavera suite—to control costs for the $9.2 billion megaproject.

Using the system’s configurable business processes, he organized the best practices of the owner, construction manager, executive architect, and prime contractors within a collaborative workflow—demonstrating the ability to track thousands of documents and records in a paperless environment.

This innovation became a revelation to Bodner, who spent the prior thirty-five years of his career managing projects and writing processes and procedures that sat on the shelf collecting dust until something went wrong. At that point, managers scrambled to locate information, revisiting the procedures to determine who or what was to blame.

With technology becoming increasingly prevalent in the world of construction management, in late 2009, Bodner began operating an independent consulting firm. His group assisted and supported a variety of clients, including the City of Entertainment in Chengdu, China; a major New York City owner, operator, and development corporation; the world’s largest copper and gold mining company; and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

As the demand for capital project and portfolio management (CPPM) consulting assignments expanded, Mark made a full-time commitment to his vision and business model, which are now embodied in the 4C Team.

Chief Operating Officer Don Price joined Foresee in 2013, bringing with him more than thirty years’ experience working with information systems and technology. His cultivation of relationships with decision-makers and customers at Skire and Oracle has been critical in growing the company and forming a Platinum partnership with Oracle.

Since then, the company has more than tripled in size, drawing talent from diverse industries around the world—from Californian and Saudi Arabian oil companies to a South African construction contractor, from a Chilean engineering firm to some of America’s largest energy providers.

Like Bodner, like Price, every one of our consultants has implemented project portfolio management systems either as users themselves or as technical specialists for global companies searching for twenty-first-century solutions to control costs, schedules, and scopes.

For organizations in need of someone who understands capital project portfolio management systems from both a business and a technical perspective, nobody can better move you from where you are now to where you want to be than Foresee.

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