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How We Deliver

How We Deliver

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Foresee Consulting provides industry specific project management and project controls expertise to confidently implement a variety of Project Management Information System (PMIS) solutions. Whether you want to sprint to a quick start-up with a proprietary procurement, or you wish to be more methodical and seek a low-bid competitive solution we can have a PMIS up and running in a matter of weeks. The 4C Team performs the Discovery Process with “the end in mind” thus enabling the project delivery team the ability to leverage the power of technology to your advantage.

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    Don Price – So one of the first things we do as we find a new opportunity, a new client, a new project is we provide a discovery process. That discovery process we work with you and your team through interviewing to understand the high-level processes that you guys are feeling the pain points in and that you want to deliver to your team for improvement.
    George Aucamp – While we go through our discovery processes, with you as the owner’s end goal, doing more with less in mind, we try to ensure that we capture all the data in the whole workflow process of delivering a project. And, try to enable the various steps that take place and the various people that need to perform actions, enable them to focus on their strengths.
    Don Price – So, as we get through this and we’re working with your team and we see all the different things that, you know, parts and pieces, that people don’t really understand; how they’re impacting the next person or, you know, where it goes from their desk to the next desk. You know, that’s where we come in. We bring it all together. We take that technology, we take your processes, we bring them together and as we wrap up, we go through your user testing. You team’s enlightened. They now have a technology, a business process and an improved cycle for their project execution.

We don’t sell software!

Construction project management applications have become a commodity produced by competing companies whose imperative is to develop software as a core competency.

Technology Professional Services Consulting

We document business requirements to enable a competitive, scope-based procurement of third party licensed software, align expectations with results and provide comprehensive training program materials.

We know how to influence the procurement process to your advantage!

4C takes an approach that leverages our knowledge and experience with our client’s understanding of how they run their business, what works for them and what needs improvement. Our objective is to perform the work collaboratively with our client’s project team to ensure that our client’s align with a technology solution that is coherent, adaptable, adoptable, scalable, sustainable and self-supportive.

Project Management Consulting

How we deliver is by assessing your current technological environment, with an eye towards user efficiencies and expanded business process adoption. The issues discussed during the discovery phase, the breath of our Project Management and Project Controls experience, along with the depth of our project management technology tools expertise, demonstrate that Foresee is ideally suited to provide our client’s a successful outcome in the deployment of technologies.