Foresee Consulting Creating Collaboration to Contain Costs

How We Own It

How We Own It - Foresee Consulting

The 4C Team practices collaboration every day. Our values drive how we recruit, hire, train and retain our employees. While other companies may talk-the-talk, at Foresee Consulting we walk-the-talk. That’s how we own it.

Not only are our employees our most valued asset, they know it. This allows 4C to state, unequivocally that, we have the most talented individuals in the industry today when it comes to experienced project management personnel with a compelling interest to utilize technology to revolutionize the way projects are planned, designed, procured, constructed and delivered.

Foresee’s Values

Simply stated, our values are:

Be About It!

We focus on delivering results by providing excellence in solving complex problems and owning our objectives and goals.

For our clients, this translates into acting like we are one of you. We take pride in solving your problems and knowing that our success and your success are synonymous.

Give it Your All!

Every challenge we face is an opportunity to commit our individual energy to the collective effort required to get the job done.

We work as hard as anyone you’ve ever had on your staff, because that’s what is required in your business for project success. We also know that being part of a functional team that actually communicates and collaborates is the key to delivering a successful project.

Love What You Do!

We contribute to the success of our company, our clients and our community by being passionate about the work we do.

Another cliché to some, but again we believe in it. We are a Top-grading organization. It takes us no less than one month to vet potential employees before we hire them, because if we don’t pick the right people they won’t perform at the level we require.

Do the Right Thing!

Use good judgment and respect when interacting with our clients, partners, employees and families. Feel good about your decisions and actions, would you tell your mom?

This is the value that elevates us above all others, because if you can’t trust us to consistently live our values we won’t be who we are…a trusted source of unparalleled, unbiased construction technology industry knowledge.

Learn Everyday!

Enthusiastically seek knowledge. Be open to learn from everyone, become one-day smarter every day.

Another differentiator, but this uncommon offering keeps our people happily on the cutting edge. Why else would construction people with a passion for technology get up in the morning?