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Making Primavera Unifier Foolproof – Auto-Population

Auto-Population in Primavera Unifier

In this segment of the Making Primavera Unifier Foolproof series we are going to demonstrate a very powerful feature in Primavera Unifier called Auto-Population. Auto-population can reduce duplicate entries of data and other data entry errors by populating existing data in a field from another Unifier object.

Although the examples below are shown in Primavera Unifier version 10.1, this functionality will also work in earlier versions of Primavera Unifier.

What is Auto-Population?

Auto-Population allow users to:

  • Populate data on a form from some other Unifier object
  • Business Process (BP) or shell attribute form
  • Reduce duplicate entry and other data entry errors

Example using Auto-Population in Primavera Unifier:

We are going to demonstrate Auto-Population by populating data from a Vendors BP into a contract when a vendor is selected.

Data in Vendors BP:

example vendors bp auto population unifier


Vendor Data Auto-populated to Contract When Selected:

example contract auto population unifier

How This Was Built

Vendors BP

  • Line Item > Generic BP at company level
  • The forms are built with contact information fields as needed (pull-down, text, etc.)

Contracts BP

  • Cost > Line item with WBS Code > Base Commit
  • Forms built with contact information fields using the same data elements from the Vendors BP
  • BP Picker or Data Picker added to form at creation step

Defined on properties of form assigned to creation step

  • Use BP Picker or Data Picker as auto-population source
  • Select associated Data Element (DE) on Vendor form as Source Element

datapicker as auto-population source


Auto-Population in Primavera Unifier can significantly decrease the possibility for a user to enter incorrect or invalid data. It is important that uDesigner implementers know how to create business BPs that provide a foolproof user experience to ensure accurate data entry and routing.

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