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Making Primavera Unifier Foolproof – Query-Based Data Elements (QBDEs)

Query-Based Data Elements (QBDEs) in Primavera Unifier

In this segment of the Making Primavera Unifier Foolproof series we are going to demonstrate how Query – Based Data Elements work. Also known as QBDEs, it is considered to be one of the most powerful and least understood feature of Primavera Unifier.

What are Query-Based Data Elements?

A Query-Based Data Element (QBDE) is a field that allows users to extract data from business process records to display on the upper form or detail form of a business process.

Although the examples below are shown in Primavera Unifier version 10.1, this functionality will also work in earlier versions of Primavera Unifier.

Examples with Query – Based Data Elements

Not allowing multiple contracts against the same vendor in the same shell

Step 1 – Find out if there are any other contracts against that vendor within the shell using query based data element.

Step 2 – If yes, enter validation in “You cannot have more than one open Contract against the same Vendor in this Project”.

Query-Based Data Elements (QBDEs) not allowing multiple-contracts against same vendor

How This was Built

Contracts BP

  • Upper form has a field that has a value of 1 when the record is in routing, and a value of 0 when the record is at the End step
  • Upper form has QBDE field associated to it
  • Trigger is set to check when the Vendor is selected
  • Configuration is set to count how many Contracts are in the Pending status AND have the same Vendor ID as the current record. Error message defined as well.

Built in U – Designer

Query-Based Data Elements (QBDEs) how it was built sys numeric query based dd

Business Process in Unifier

Query-Based Data Elements (QBDEs) business process in unifier

Query-Based Data Elements or QBDEs allows users to pull data from process records on specific forms. As a result, implementers can provide a much more foolproof business process to users, ensuring more accurate data entry routing and a increase in efficiency.


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