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Making Primavera Unifier Foolproof – Validation

Control Data Based on Numerical Values in Primavera Unifier

In this segment of the Making Primavera Unifier Foolproof series we are going to demonstrate how to set up Validation in Primavera Unifier.

What is Validation?

Validation in Primavera Unifier allow users to:

  • Verify that certain numerical values are met on an upper form or detail form
  • Constrain routing of workflow BP record if values not met
  • Disallow saving of non-workflow BP record if values not met
  • Disallow addition of line items if values not met

Although the examples below are shown in Primavera Unifier version 10.1, this functionality will also work in earlier versions of Primavera Unifier.

Examples Validating data:

In this example, we are going to show you how to prevent your contract from going below zero.

No Line Items Added to Contract Cannot Go Below Zero:

Validating Data on Primavera Unifier

Users must add at least one line item to the Contract record:

Validating contract records


How This Was Built:

Contracts BP

  • Detail form has decimal field in a hidden block, with a formula of 1 (or a constant value of 1)
  • Upper form has an integer field in a hidden block that auto-populates form the detail form and sums up the decimal field

Validation Rules Added

  • The value of the integer field must be greater than 0
  • The value of the contract Amount field must be greater than or equal to 0

 Building Formulas for Validation

creating formulas for validation in Unifier

Constant for line items added must be greater than 0

constant for line items added field Unifier

Validation in Primavera Unifier allows you to control data based on numerical values. It allows you to check what users are entering based on values you calculate on either a upper or detail form. If values are not met, validation allows you to stop the record and routing whether it is a workflow or non-workflow form.


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