Foresee Consulting Creating Collaboration to Contain Costs


With more than 100 combined years of Unifier experience, no one is more adept or better prepared than Foresee Consulting to help organizations maximize the benefits of Primavera’s industry-leading program and project portfolio management solutions.

Want to know how the 4C Team can help your business?  Learn more about who we are and what we do with this selection of informational videos:

Adapt and Evolve

Technology has changed drastically over the past 10-15 years. But in the construction world change happens slowly and adoption of technology to make things better is hampered by attitudes against change. In this video you will see how Foresee Consulting can help your organization adapt technology and evolve.


In any type of business, collaboration plays an important role to a company’s success. If employees can’t figure out how to share information with each other, businesses will not be as efficient. Collaboration must occur in order to bring everyone’s insights on how to handle problems, issues and decisions. Can a technology solution help you to overcome the challenges of having to do more with less?

Daily Huddle

Not only are our employees our most valued asset, they know it. This allows 4C to state unequivocally, we have the most talented individuals in the industry today when it comes to experienced project management personnel with a compelling interest to utilize technology to revolutionize the way projects are planned, designed, procured, constructed and delivered. Team communication is crucial for our clients success.

Discovery Process

One of the first steps when starting a new project or dealing with new clients is having a discovery process. The 4C Team performs the Discovery Process with the “end in mind” thus enabling the project delivery team the ability to leverage the power of technology to your advantage. In this video watch how Foresee Consulting examines your business processes and improves the cycle for project execution.

Executive Dashboards

As a business owner, it’s important to stay updated and informed with everything that’s going on in all departments of the company. Foresee’s Executive Dashboards can make things easier for business owners. Dashboards will allow you to stay updated with cash flows, project teams, any other types of data. No need to go around asking questions, executive dashboards are constantly updating data in the system in real time.

Impact of Technology

Over the years technology has made a huge impact on all types of businesses, especially in construction project management. It has saved enormous amounts of time and money on large construction programs and capital improvement projects.

Multi Level Training

Multi level training is one of the most important factors when it comes to efficiency. Foresee Consulting breaks down the needs of their clients. Different people have different needs, everything is tailored to specific goals. In this video you will get an idea of all the different types of training Foresee offers.

We Bridge The Gap

Foresee Consultants are experts in the software industry. We are always aware of changes in technology. We bridge the gap between the changes in technology and business processes. Our objective is to perform the work collaboratively to ensure that our clients experience a technology solution that is coherent, adaptable, adoptable, scalable and sustainable. Not only do we provide tools for your processes, we provide a true solution for success.

What Makes Us Different

The 4C Team sets apart from others due to its core values. Foresee Consultants love what they do, it’s what makes the difference to business owners. We have gone through the same struggles and success our clients have been through and continue to evolve teams into the construction management technology industry. We offer uncommon value because we learned construction first and then (with the advent of technology) we transitioned from being experienced Project Managers to become Project Management Information System consultants.

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