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Oracle Primavera Contract Management Cloud Accelerator

Together, we can move your organization from the Contract Management application of today to the technology of tomorrow.

With Oracle discontinuing Primavera Contract Management, thousands of users are asking: What solution will yield the same functionality with the least amount of change to our user base?

Oracle’s new Contract Management Cloud Accelerator is purpose built for engineering and construction, giving project controls professionals a simple, fast, affordable solution that allows them to get their project teams quickly organized.

Its preconfigured business processes closely match those used in Contract Management—with some changes to take advantage of the power of Oracle’s next-generation project management platform. Foresee fuses unmatched Primavera Unifier and on-the-job engineering and construction experience with the knowledge and reputation of the leading PCM consultant, Steve Kelly, to create the team you need.

Using Primavera Unifier as a platform, the Accelerator opens paths to the heights of productivity, offering:

  • Data entry screens designed just for your organization
  • Enterprise model cost and document management
  • Multiple dashboards at all levels
  • Direct integration with AutoVue and P6
  • Cost worksheets with calculable fields exactly the way you want them
  • Full document manager at all levels
  • Mobile use on tablets and smart phones
  • Email approvals and reviews
  • Cash flow capabilities
  • Phase gates
  • True audit trail


Manage and control projects on a next-generation platform
Pre-configured solution allowing for rapid, cost-effective deployment
Very similar processes to those in Contract Management
Accelerate the transition from Contract Management
Direct integration with Primavera P6 and other EPPM and ERP systems
Industry standard reports and forms


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