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What We Offer

What We Offer | 4C Team - Foresee Consulting

Foresee Consulting provides industry specific project management and project controls expertise to confidently implement technology solutions beyond software configuration. We possess unparalleled experience interacting with Project Delivery and Technology Development teams since the early 1970’s. Some may think we are “early adopters”. We just think that we offer uncommon value because we learned construction first and then (with the advent of technology) we transitioned from being experienced Project Managers to become Project Management Information System consultants.

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    Don Price – Foresee Consulting, as of many values, but some of the core that you’ll find in every one of our people, we love what we do. Every one of us. And that brings a difference to you, as an owner. The people in this organization all have lived through the processes that our clients are living through. We’ve gone through the learning’s; we’ve been on those projects that have struggled to have information. Yet, we’ve been through the success of deploying the technologies on those projects and learning from them. And got excited about it; we changed our careers. We moved out of construction and into technology. We’re now supporting construction and migrating construction teams into the next generation of construction management via technology.

Strategic Project Management

In the early 2000’s we proved that a state-of-the-art PMIS (Project Management Information System) running over the internet could provide a technological ability to keep track of thousands of documents, issues, action items, decisions and the like in a paper-less environment.

This experience was quite a pleasant reality to our CEO who spent the prior 35 years of his career managing projects and developing procedures and processes to support those projects that, for the most part, sat on the shelf collecting dust unless something went wrong, at which point they were revisited to figure out who or what was to blame!

We can speak both languages!

With a demonstration of the power of technology to support project management delivery finally realized, we founded the company. Now-a-days, the client’s requests commonly include a review of processes and advice on how they could be improved.

Technology (as a commodity) became the vehicle upon which to build the processes to bring them to life, but the underlying process design must be based upon a deep understanding of how the business works. That is what truly brings about organizational change, adoption, collaboration and efficiency.

Strategic Project Management - What We Offer | 4C Team - Foresee Consulting

What we offer today is a team of consultants that have been involved in a variety of vertical markets, namely:

  • Entertainment
  • Higher Education
  • Sports Facilities
  • Aviation
  • Energy/Oil and Gas